whispers on demand


Whispers On Demand is a customized, live ASMR treatment performed by Whisperlodge co-creator, Melinda Lauw.

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Similar to private wellness treatments, Whispers On Demand sessions are designed and performed for your personal relaxation and tingly pleasure.

Melinda is committed to providing ASMR for healing and sensory exploration, emphasizing care, personal attention, consent and safety.

Starting as an experiment on International ASMR Day 2017, Melinda has gone on to provide Whispers On Demand to clients in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Her customized treatments have been featured in The Atlantic, VICE and German newspaper, Die Welt.


client testimonials

Melinda is really sweet and created a lovely treatment and setting. You can tell she really has an interest in helping others. The treatment was calming and comforting, and really something special—you don't find these kind of treatments outside of Whisperlodge.

—a client in New York

Melinda is truly gifted in the art of in-person ASMR, I was so pleased with my experience and am eager to try again.

—a client in San Francisco




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