help us tour California


We are pleased to announce that Whisperlodge will be making its west coast debut this fall.

Cities & Dates
San Francisco: September 19 - September 24
Los Angeles: September 26 - October 1


we need performers


If you live in or near LA or SF and would like to get involved as a guide, please write us and tell us about yourself.  We seek ASMR enthusiasts, immersive theater actors, the ethereal, the soft, the nurturing, and creative, adventurous folks. Performers will be paid for each weekend.

SF performers are welcome to come along with us to LA, and vice versa. Collaborating with us now may lead to long-term roles in future Whisperlodge performances in California, New York, the UK, and Singapore.

Email us at


we need venues

Whether you have access to a suitable venue or simply have a tip, please drop us a line. All advice is greatly appreciated. We can return the favor with discounted or free tickets. Email us at



Ideally we're looking for a domestic space that's divided into smaller rooms, clean and quiet. In the past, we’ve performed or considered performing in houses, apartments, a clothing store, an abandoned bank, and a church property, so we’re flexible.

Whispers on Demand

For our solo, one-on-one personalised ASMR show, we're looking for a clean, quiet nook in SF between mid-August and mid-September, and in LA between October 2–8. This could be a room at the back of your house or apartment.

WhispersRed Collaboration

We're excited to be collaborating with Emma from the the prominent Youtube ASMR channel, WhispersRed. For this event, we're seeking a large space for 150 people, with a traditional stage-audience set up, and some existing rigging brackets and media equipment. This could be a theater, a black box, a school/church hall, or a commercial event space. 


we need documentarians

In both cities, we’re looking to hire a photographer and videographer to cover our events. Email us at


to our audience

And to all those who are looking to visit a unique immersive ASMR experience, we look forward to showing you Whisperlodge this fall. The best way to find out about tickets is to sign up for our mailing list below.