past performances


Summer Sanctum

May 2017

Whisperlodge staged a one-hour immersive experience for audiences of six in one of the historic houses on Governors Island.


The Intimacy of Sound

11 May 2017

Whisperlodge presented our first ASMR sound bath, in collaboration with Joro Boro.


Whispers On Demand

9 April 2017

In celebration of International ASMR Day, Whisperlodge delivered customized one-on-one ASMR treatments.


Sensory Circle

March 2017

Using binaural technology, Whisperlodge created a sensory ritual, prevented for the first time at GG Nix Social Trade and Treasure in Bushwick.

November 2016

Whisperlodge expanded our immersive experience of ASMR in Brooklyn, presenting to audiences of eight.

September 2016

Whisperlodge presented our first immersive ASMR experience to the public at Motherboard in Brooklyn.

July 2016

As we developed our performance, Whisperlodge presented our first live ASMR experiments for friends.